08691960000 8691960000 Bank Toll Free Numbers Messages RBISAY Suno RBI Kya Kehta Hai

8691960000 RBISAY Message SMS – A Public Initiative from RBI Suno RBI Kya Kehta Hai

RBI Started Suno RBI Kya Kehta Hai A Public Initiative to help Citizens of India about banking regulations and facilities available to them and cautioning the people against false offers. Below are few SMS messages from RBISAY RBI 8691960000 Don’t pay fees or charges to get large sums in return. RBI/RBI Governor/Government never sends such […]



For all pensioners who have their Aadhaar number seeded in their pension account,facility is available to submit their Life Certificate Digitally at every pension payingbranches. 2. If account is not yet seeded with Aadhaar number, pensioners can get their Aadhaarnumber seeded for submitting Digital Life Certificate. For submitting the Digital Life certificate, pensioner needs to […]


Don’t Press #90 or #09 on your Mobile when asked by any caller

*Urgent Very Urgent …* Please pass around to your family and friends…!!! People have been receiving calls from+375602605281,+37127913091+37178565072+56322553736+37052529259+255901130460 or any number starting from +375, +371 number +381 One ring & hang up.*If you call back,bthey can copy your contact list in 3sec & If U have bank or Credit card details on your phone, they can copy that too… +375 is from Belarus. +371 is code for […]

1800110420 1800110420 Toll Free Number 1800110420 TRAI 1963 Messages Toll Free Number Toll Free Numbers

Dial 1800110420 or 1963 to Report any Mischieves Call you get from International Call Numbers

Telecom Regularoty of India TRAI has launched a Toll Free Number where users can report the Mischieves or bad calls which they get from International and for which the number displays as local or National number, you can dial Dial 1800110420 or 1963 to report to TRAI. Below is the Message or SMS TRAI is […]

09223966666 Customer Care Numbers Messages SBI 09223966666 SBI Quick 09223966666 SMS 09223966666 SWON ECOM

SMS 09223966666 to Activate or Deactivate SBI ATM Debit Card POS E-commerce Usage

By this time whoever has SBI ATM Debit card should have received below message about SBI Quick Services. Your SBI Debit card ending with XXXXX is deactivated only for Internet txn. To activate send SMS “SWON ECOM 0538” to 09223966666. No change for ATM/POS usage State Bank of India has launched a facility under “SBI […]