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Paytm Toll Free Number is 180018001234

You can call Paytm Toll Free Number for any details like paytm balance or paytm transfer to another person to their Toll Free Number 180018001234 or 1800-1800-1234. But you need to follow below steps first to activate Paytm Toll Free Number on your registered number.

Paytm Toll Free Number 180018001234

To use Paytm Toll Free Number service, as a first step, Paytm customers and merchants must set their 4 Digit Paytm PIN on call.

They can then enter the recipient’s mobile number, amount and their Paytm PIN to successfully transfer the money from their Paytm wallet to another Paytm wallet.

Please note, that you will need an existing Paytm account to use this service. You will have to call this Toll Free number from your mobile number registered with Paytm.

Q. How do I create a Paytm account on call?

A. This service is for existing Paytm Users. You can create a Paytm account by logging into paytm.com or installing our Android or iOS mobile app. Alternatively, use a friend or relative’s smartphone to do the same and don’t forget to log out.

You can then call us at 1800 1800 1234, set your 4 Digital Paytm PIN and send money without a smartphone or active internet connection.